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Ложка для пасты Tefal Talent K0800214

Ложка для пасты Tefal Talent K0800214

Tefal Talent K0800214

Ermenegildo Zegna ELEMENTS OF MAN TALENT Парфюмерная вода

Для талантливого мужчины, который делится своим вдохновением с окружающим миром. В древесно-цитрусовой композиции Elements of Man Talent искусно переплетаются освежающая нота юзу с харизматичным и пряным сочетанием нот черного чая, сычуаньского перца и кедра.

17360 RUR

Ermenegildo Zegna Ermenegildo Zegna ELEMENTS OF MAN TALENT Парфюмерная вода ELEMENTS OF MAN TALENT Парфюмерная вода похожие


Ложка Tefal Talent K0800314

37 мм

Диаметр 37 мм Для модели Пресс для значков Talent

7618 RUR

Talent 37 мм похожие


Tim Sackett Talent Fix

Corporate talent acquisition has been failing for decades, but it doesn’t have to. There are simple fixes, organizational designs, and technology that can turn around the succ ess of an organization’s ability to recruit almost overnight.Piece by piece and step by step, with real-world examples and stories about how innovative organizations and top talent acquisition leaders are successfully recruiting today, The Talent Fix presents a proven, practical, and scalable recruiting model for talent acquisition leaders and practitioners and shows how organizations can build and sustain a great talent acquisition function.

2802 RUR



Ложка для пасты Tefal K 0800214 Talent

Страна-производитель: Китай

1300 RUR

Tefal K 0800214 Talent похожие


50 мм

Диаметр 50 мм Для модели Пресс для значков Talent

8370 RUR

Talent 50 мм похожие


Нож для измельчения Tefal Talent 20 см K0911404

Нож универсальный Tefal Talent 9 см K0911104

Нож для чистки овощей Tefal Talent 7 см K0911204

Угловая лопатка Tefal Talent K0800614

Швейная машинка Singer Talent 3323

Артикул № 239308

8334 RUR

Singer Talent 3323 похожие


Heather Carpenter The Talent Development Platform. Putting People First in Social Change Organizations

Putting People First in Social Change Organizations The Talent Development Platform is about results driven talent development for social change. Written by seasoned nonprofit experts, this book provides a holistic process for creating an in-house training and talent development program. The Talent Development Platform offers organizations the tools for ensuring their professional development systems are successful through regular feedback loops, tailored for learning styles, and specific to their organization. Detailed case studies provide insight into the strategies used by organizations that have implemented the Talent Development Platform, and interviews with experts in the field give readers a handle on the most current thinking. Robust resource guides facilitate the talent development process, and online access to the Talent Development Platform and assessments help streamline the workflow. Social change organizations make the most of limited resources, but often overlook developing the talent they already have. This book gives readers a plan for finding and nurturing their internal talent to reduce turnover and improve organizational efficiency. More specifically the book helps organizations: Develop organizational, department, and position specific competencies. Create and revise job descriptions. Assess staff and volunteer proficiency levels with created competencies. Determine staff and volunteer learning styles. Establish professional development goals and objectives tied to strategic goals. Implement professional development with on the job learning, mentoring, and training. Calculate a return on talent investment. Evaluate talent development implementation and proficiency level changes. Implementing the Talent Development Platform provides organizations with tangible benefits in the form of lower turnover and greater output (without the burnout) from employees and volunteers, as well as intangible benefits that make organizations more attractive to top talent.

3656.52 RUR



Вилка для мяса Tefal Talent 17 см K0912004

Нож для хлеба Tefal Talent 20 см K0910404

Поварской нож Tefal Talent 20 см K0910204

90 мм

Диаметр 90 мм Для модели Пресс для значков Talent

10529 RUR

Talent 90 мм похожие


Лопатка Tefal K 0800614 Talent

Страна-производитель: Китай

1120 RUR

Tefal K 0800614 Talent похожие


Шумовка Tefal K 0800114 Talent

Страна-производитель: Китай

1080 RUR

Tefal K 0800114 Talent похожие



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