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Изысканный образ подчернет браслет из натуральной кожи.

Длина: 17 см, ширина: 9,5 см

Материал: натуральная кожа, металлическая фурнитура

Цвет: черный

460 RUR

LacyWear AK(151)-SAR похожие



Оригинальные серьги из натуральной кожи - прекрасное дополнение к яркому образу любой женщины, следящей за модными тенденциями.

Длина: 8 см, ширина: 5 см

Материал: натуральная кожа, металлическая фурнитура (швенза)

Цвет: серебристый

230 RUR

LacyWear AK(198)-SAR похожие



Модное колье из кожи станет эффективным дополнением к вечернему платью, блузке или костюму.

Длина: 46 см, ширина: 7 см

Материал: эко-кожа, металлическая кнопка

Цвет: розовый

690 RUR

LacyWear AK(69)-SAR похожие



Изысканный образ подчернет браслет из натуральной кожи.

Длина: 21 см. (на запястье 17-19 см), ширина: 9 см

Материал: натуральная кожа, металлическая фурнитура

Цвет: черный

460 RUR

LacyWear AK(68)-SAR похожие


Xiaolan Qiu Bistatic SAR Data Processing Algorithms

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is critical for remote sensing. It works day and night, in good weather or bad. Bistatic SAR is a new kind of SAR system, where the transmitter and receiver are placed on two separate platforms. Bistatic SAR is one of the most important trends in SAR development, as the technology renders SAR more flexible and safer when used in military environments. Imaging is one of the most difficult and important aspects of bistatic SAR data processing. Although traditional SAR signal processing is fully developed, bistatic SAR has a more complex system structure, so signal processing is more challenging. Focusing on imaging aspects of bistatic SAR signal processing, this book covers resolution analysis, echo generation methods, imaging algorithms, imaging parameter estimation, and motion compensation methods. The book is ideal for researchers and engineers in SAR signal and data processing, as well as those working in bistatic and multistatic radar imaging, and in the radar sciences. Graduate students with a background in radar who are interested in bistatic and multistatic radar will find this book a helpful reference. Gives a general and updated framework for image formation using signal processing aspects Starts with an introduction to traditional SAR before moving on to more advanced topics Offers readers a range of exhaustive tools to process signals and form images Provides a solid reference for the imaging of other complicated SAR Sample image synthesis exercises are available from the book's companion site

12074.88 RUR



Xu Feng Polarimetric Scattering and SAR Information Retrieval

Taking an innovative look at Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), this practical reference fully covers new developments in SAR and its various methodologies and enables readers to interpret SAR imagery An essential reference on polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), this book uses scattering theory and radiative transfer theory as a basis for its treatment of topics. It is organized to include theoretical scattering models and SAR data analysis techniques, and presents cutting-edge research on theoretical modelling of terrain surface. The book includes quantitative approaches for remote sensing, such as the analysis of the Mueller matrix solution of random media, mono-static and bistatic SAR image simulation. It also covers new parameters for unsupervised surface classification, DEM inversion, change detection from multi-temporal SAR images, reconstruction of building objects from multi-aspect SAR images, and polarimetric pulse echoes from multi-layering scatter media. Structured to encourage methodical learning, earlier chapters cover core material, whilst later sections involve more advanced new topics which are important for researchers. The final chapter completes the book as a reference by covering SAR interferometry, a core topic in the remote sensing community. Features theoretical scattering models and SAR data analysis techniques Explains the simulation of SAR images for mono- and bi-static radars, covering both qualitative and quantitative information retrieval Chapter topics include: theoretical scattering models; SAR data analysis and processing techniques; and theoretical quantitative simulation reconstruction and inversion techniques Structured to enable both academic learning and independent study, laying down the foundations first of all before advancing to more complex topics Experienced author team presents mathematical derivations and figures so that they are easy for readers to understand Pitched at graduate-level students in electrical engineering, physics, earth and space sciences, as well as researchers MATLAB code available for readers to run their own routines An invaluable reference for research scientists, engineers and scientists working on polarimetric SAR hardware and software, Application developers of SAR and polarimetric SAR, remote sensing specialists working with SAR data – using ESA.

11323.71 RUR



Полка Trone AK-20 Black

Кронштейн Trone AK-15 Silver

Полка Trone AK-20 Silver

БП ATX 700 Вт AirMax AK-700W

БП ATX 500 Вт AirMax AK-500W


AK-110 Турка 400 мл Gelberk Akhtari (AK-110)

AK-113 Турка 600 мл Gelberk Akhtari (AK-113)

Original TH-L32X10C power supply board TNP4G455 AK TNP4G455AK good working

Motorcycle Footboard Steps Motorbike Foot For KYMCO AK 550 AK550 2017 2018 Footrest Pegs Plate Pads


Искусно подобранный аксессуар – это незаменимый элемент образа стильной, уверенной в себе женщины! Чудесный набор из натуральной кожи прекрасно подойдет к любому наряду, подчеркнув Вашу женственность, или преобразит обычную однотонную кофту, добавив Вашему внешнему виду изюминку.
В набор входят браслет и серьги.

Параметры браслета: длина - 20см (на запястье 16-19см), ширина - 4,5см
Параметры серёг: длина - 6см, ширина - 2,5см

Материал: натуральная кожа, металлическая фурнитура

В изделии использованы цвета: черный

690 RUR

LacyWear AK(145)-SAR похожие


Портативный Hi-Fi плеер iriver Astell&Kern CD-риппер AK CD-Ripper MKII Gun Metal

Специальное устройство для копирования компакт-дисков на плееры iriver Astell Kern через USB, алюминиевый корпус, габариты 149 х 49 х 149 мм, вес 1,2 кг.

35990 RUR

iriver Astell&Kern CD-риппер AK CD-Ripper MKII Gun Metal похожие


Масленка Alpenkok AK-0219

Набор ножей Alpenkok AK-2100

Хлебница Alpenkok AK-3503

Хлебница Alpenkok AK-3509

Хлебница Alpenkok AK-3514

Термос Alpenkok 500ml AK-05005M

Точило Alpenkok AK-3001

Набор ножей Alpenkok AK-2103

Хлебница Alpenkok AK-3517

Автоакустика URAL AK-47

Хлебница Alpenkok AK-3513

Термос Alpenkok 1.0L AK-10011M

Термос Alpenkok 450ml AK-04533M

Кофемолка Alpenkok AK-820K

Орехокол Alpenkok AK-5143

Датчик Kashimura AK-100

Термос Alpenkok 750ml AK-07501M


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